Tuffet Schmelzle
I’m Tuffet Schmelzle, known as the Dialect Geek, and I can teach you any dialect of spoken English. My most commonly requested dialects are British- RP and Cockney, Boston, Scottish, Irish, German, New York, Russian, Southern- Texas & Alabama, West African, Minnesota and Standard American. I’ve also taught lesser known dialects such as Mali, Esparanto and Prussian. I created the fictional dialect of Ellowan— a mix of old Western European, American Southern and Elvish.

I was born an über Dialect Geek, practicing all sorts of voices and accents much to my St. Louis parents’ chagrin. Growing up, I spent hours imitating the dialects I saw on my favorite movie & television characters. Particularly the Muppets.

It was in college at Loyola University under the direction of highly acclaimed vocal coach, Nan Withers-Wilson, that I began perfecting my talent for dialects. I became fluent in IPA and lexical sets and soon developed my own method of learning a dialect. I used my personalized method of songs and sound change exercises for theatre productions at Loyola to great success.

As a working actor, I know first hand what an actor needs and what is most effective when learning a new dialect. Every actor, every production is different. As a dialect coach, I specifically craft each dialect session to best suit the needs of the individual and/or cast including practice exercises, recordings, physical improvisation, songs and history of dialect/region. It’s not about learning how to sound like you are from a region, it’s about BEING from there. I will help you incorporate the dialect into your voice and body thereby unleashing your character’s soul. You will leave a session with me geeking out about your new, stellar dialect.

Theaters I’ve coached for include Falcon Theatre, Theatre @ Boston Court, Antaeus Theatre Company, A Noise Within, Ensemble Studio Theatre LA, Open Fist Theatre, East West Players, Circle X Theatre, Celebration Theatre, Reprise Theatre at UCLA and Son of Semele.

Currently, I am the 3rd Year Dialects Teacher at Los Angeles County School of the Arts (LACHSA) and have extensive techniques for working with children and teenagers.

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