Tuffet is honestly the best dialect coach I have ever worked with. She has coached me on my accent for 'The Flash' pilot for CW/Warner Brothers among other things. I am VERY pedantic about every aspect of sound and placement and getting a dialect COMPLETELY authentic and Tuffet makes sure every turn is perfected. It's because her ear is so well trained and she is exceptionally intuitive in terms of the sound that fits with the role and the material, making you completely believable and able to fit into and tell the story in a very authentic, creative and truthful way.

I cannot recommend her highly enough as a dialect coach- and you even pick up bonus acting coaching too if you are listening. She is a godsend for any actor wanting to perfect an accent.

(Rick Cosnett- The Flash, Quantico, Vampire Diaries)

• • •

I was very lucky to find Tuffet through my agent Rick Ferrari, who highly recommended to work with her. Tuffet has an instant instinct for what you need and how to work on it. She is very attentive, a lot of times Tuffet would go far and beyond to make sure her clients are progressing. She is a great communicator and has an ear for accents, that I couldn’t find in anyone. I would highly recommend Tuffet.

(Eugenia Kuzmina- Bad Moms, Dirty Grandpa, New Girl)

• • •

Tuffet is an awesome dialect coach, she can help break down a complex accent into very simple and workable pieces. She then gives you the tools to put it all together. She showed me the way to approach what seemed like an impossible task and make it simple and fun. With her guidance I got a jumpstart on accents I never thought I could learn in such a short time.

(Rudolf Martin- Paradise Pictures, NCIS, Lethal Weapon)

• • •

“One aspect of the Los Angeles native’s performance that is to be commended is her spot-on portrayal of the South African accent. If one does not read the star’s bio before the performance, she could easily be mistaken as an actual South African woman.”

Thank you for helping me get even more specific about Sammie's sound! That's one of the recurring comments I've gotten.

(Taylor Hawthorne- Denim, Surreal Lounge)

• • •

Give your career a boost and work with Tuffet if you want to expand your capacity to book more jobs.

(Bob Beuth- The West Wing, Outbreak, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones)

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