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Any and Every Dialect or speak without one!

If you need to learn a dialect, I can teach it to you in a fun, inspiring, effortless way. The voice is the gateway to the soul of an actor-- a dialect can be the most powerful tool to shaping your character.

There’s 5 elements for every dialect:
Vowel & Consonant Sound Changes
Sound Placement
Pitch and Speech Pattern
Idioms/Characterization Techniques

I teach you all of the above and select sides based on your type, age, gender and what will challenge you as an actor to combine the dialect and character.

We record the session via MP3 (your phone or mine) and you will receive written dialect materials and practice exercises.

Don’t wait until you have that important, life changing audition to learn a dialect-- most dialects can be learned in 2-6 sessions.

I offer 2, 3, 4 and 8 session packages. Mention your industry referral and get an additional $25 off!

Want to WOW at the next casting director or agent/manager workshop?
Show them your abilities with dialects!


If you’d like to learn a Standard American dialect, you’ve come to the right place. I’m an expert in neutralizing or accent reduction, although I do NOT call it that because you’re learning a Standard American accent. Your natural accent will get you work and we don’t want you to lose that!

An American accent can be tricky. I will work to help you learn the American dialect, specifically the challenging speech pattern and blending of words.

Do you have a problem of having your natural accent come out in a scene while you are playing sad/fearful/angry/excited/anxious? We will practice the American dialect with a variety of characters and emotional states so you aren’t just drilling words in repetition.

More and more TV/Film producers are looking to hire foreign talent for American productions-- but you need to have a solid American dialect. I can help!
I offer 2, 3, 4 and 8 session packages. Mention your industry referral and get an additional $25 off!

Contact me for rates/availability: (818) 679-3731


If you want your talent to sound authentic, you need a dialect coach. A dialect coach can combine the artistic vision of the director with the talents of the actor to achieve a natural, effortless sounding accent.

Whether it be television, film or stage, it’s essential for an actor/ensemble to sound believable to transport the audience to the “world” of the story.

My style of teaching is fun, instinctive and precise allowing the actor to show up to set confident in their character’s voice. It’s not enough to simply “sound” like you are doing a dialect correctly; an actor must become the character.

I can teach multiple dialects across Western Europe, the UK, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and most Asian countries. If I don’t have the dialect in my back pocket now, I can learn and effectively teach it within 24 hours.

I can also help foreign actors learn a Standard American dialect. I offer multi-day sessions to get an actor ready fast and keep them creatively inspired.

I am especially effective with children and teenagers. Dialect work is first and foremost about developing a new set of vocal muscles. My fun, physical dialect exercises help get an actor into their body so they can find the voice of the character. I find children and teens especially respond to this approach and often learn quicker than the adults due to my unique teaching methods.

All actors are provided with customized written materials, MP3s of practice exercises and dialect sound samples, warm up songs and personalized coaching. Actors are also given 5-10 brush up sessions via phone for the duration of the production (depending on availability).

On set/On Location for TV, Film and Stage: rates vary depending on the number of actors, number of dialects needed and time frame. Please contact me directly for a quote: (818) 679-3731